Hendricks Roofing & Supply Co., Inc. is a professional and responsible roofing company. Our insurance coverage exceeds all state mandated requirements. We believe that safety is mandatory and We train our workmen in safe working practices. We employ only US citizens and avoid use of subcontractors.

Roofing is a hazardous job. The risk of property damage, injury, even death are realities that we must face. You, as the property owner are ultimately responsible for the actions and well being of the contractor and his employees while working on your property.

How do I protect myself? Ask your contractor for proof of insurance prior to beginning the job. An insured contractor can provide you with a Certificate of Insurance detailing his coverage and limits. Make sure his coverage includes auto, general liability, and workmans compensation. If your contractor will be employing a subcontractor, make sure you have verification of their coverage also.

Don't all roofers have insurance? NO! The state of Kentucky does not license roofers. Anybody can be a roofer with little or no experience. Without licensing there is no way for the state to verify and enforce insurance requirements.

Won't my property insurance protect me? NO! Your property insurance is designed to protect you from acts of negligence toward non-hired individuals. It assumes when you hire somebody to perform work on your property that you make your own choice regarding risk.

Your best value and safest choice will always be an insured contractor.